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  1. True North

From the recording The Stuff Of Legends

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True North

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True North

In 1986 I moved to the Washington DC area and joined a faith based Metal band named Taker. We recorded and released a 4 song demo that gained a lot of traction globally due to some glowing reviews. I still have some fanzines from overseas with reviews in German, French, Swedish and Italian that I still don't what was said. I just know our P.O box used to be flooded with fan mail and I was constantly dubbing demos and going to the post office on my lunch break. After my 4 year stint with Taker, I joined up with some other friends who had a band called Armageddon and toured in support of their 1989 album relwase called "The Money Mask". One of my proudest memories was my Mom telling me how she walked into Oasis Records at the mall and found a copy and held it up saying "This is my son's band". 

After that I settled down into a guitar teaching career and to raise a family. I was logging in as many as 80 lessons a week. Performing soon took a back seat to teaching, but in it's place I put together my home studio (after taking Recording Arts at the local community college) and began producing my own albums. This became my new musical passion and this very album is my latest endeavor. 

Oh yeah, Armageddon has since reformed and we finally released the the long awaited follow to "The Money Mask", the award winning "Up In Flames" which was released in 2015 and a third album is in the planning stages as of this writing.