Hello World!! Are you ready for a guitar lesson program that effectively takes a totally different approach and mindset to the typical "learn this, practice it and play it for me next week" or the "so what song do you want to learn today" approach?

Introducing "The Stuff Of Legends" Guitar Training Program.

"So what is the 'stuff of legends' when it comes to guitar and what does a guitar legend have that I don't", you may ask? 

It's the stuff that would cause a teenage Jeff Beck to make his own guitar from scratch during post World War II England when guitars were extremely hard to come by. With a neck that was too long and frets that were displaced, Jeff would bend the strings to make the guitar sound in tune. This very obstacle is what lead to this now multi Grammy winning guitarist's unique vocal like phrasing on the guitar.

It's the stuff that would cause the late blues legend B.B. King during his childhood in Mississippi, to hammer two nails into the side of his house and attach broom wire to the nails because "if us kids wanted to play music, we would find a way to play music."

Jason Becker, a child prodigy shredder, was on the fast track to success in following the footsteps of Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen by landing the coveted David Lee Roth Band guitar spot when he was diagnosed with ALS. He barely finished the album and was unable to tour. As the disease took its toll, Jason went on to compose music with his facial and eye movements that controlled the cursor on the computer and actually recorded an album using a Sinclavier. This determination is why Jason is still alive almost 25 years later and composes incredible music to this day!!

Are you starting to get the picture?

Ultimately, a guitar legend knows as much what *not* to play as he knows what to play. That is what even the great shredders of our time like John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani. . . and the many other guitarists that cause our collective jaws to hit the floor, know, and that is what I will train you in. It takes a willingness on your part though, like the aforementioned guitarists, to overcome the obstacles and challenges that stand in your way of your guitar playing dreams. Even with a busy career or school, I've been there myself, and I can coordinate a lesson plan that fits into your life but doesn't completely take over your life or drive everyone around you crazy. Yet, over time, you will develop your own style and skill.

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Below is a compilation of what I consider to be some of the best instructional methods that are available, some that I have used for many years in my own teaching practice. Click on the pic to order and enjoy!

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