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  1. The Moonlit Attic
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Clarissa had packed a lunch, so they went back to the car to get out the picnic basket and pondered while they ate. The most obvious thing they could come up with was to explore the inside of the cathedral and see if they could find the answer there. They drove back into town to buy a couple of flashlights and once they had gotten back to the cathedral, it was later in the day. They returned to the memorial garden and gained entrance through an arched doorway into the cathedral there. As they went in, they could hear mice scurrying and were hit with a musty smell that seemed centuries old. When they entered the sanctuary, the hairs on Darien’s neck stood up. It was the sanctuary in his dream from when he had dozed off at the Estates Theater. “I saw this place in a dream just two nights ago” he exclaimed. ”This has to be the destination that was described in the riddle.” They beamed their flashlights around in search of a doorway to the bell tower and when they found it, they yanked it open and climbed the winding staircase.

At the top of the stairs, there were two doors. One door lead up to the bell tower, and the other, as they would soon discover, lead up to the attic. When they turned the handle, the door swung open with a creak. When they reached the attic, what they saw astounded them. There standing in the corner was a large cross illuminated by the full moon shining through the window. Scattered about the room, along with old hymnals, robes and a pulpit with an open Bible, were various musical instruments belonging to a bygone era. Could these have belonged to the musicians buried in the memorial garden? There were brass instruments, a harp and an old harpsichord to name a few.

Over by the cross, they were looking over an old cello, when Darien noticed something peculiar. The back of the cross had a compartment with a lock. “Try the key” Clarissa urged. Darien put the key in the lock. It fit and the lock clicked when he turned it. What they saw made them gasp. The compartment opened to reveal a beautifully preserved old violin with the strings removed. The compartment had been constructed as some sort of time capsule that was air tight, so the violin was immaculately preserved. As the moon cast its light on the violin, they noticed the back of the violin was not glued on, but instead had been fitted with hinges and a small latch. Darien peeked through the violin’s f-holes and saw what appeared to be a scroll. He then flipped the latch and opened the violin, carefully removed the scroll and unrolled it to reveal a musical manuscript entitled ”The Catching Away Suite”… the composer - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Darien and Clarissa were stunned. “That’s it! The F in the riddle was not only referring to a key signature, but to the F-holes in a violin!” The ramifications of their discovery hit Darien like a ton of bricks. “This is going to send shockwaves throughout the music world!” proclaimed Darien. The thought of resurfacing from his disappearing act with an unknown work of Mozart would dwarf any opportunities he would have attained from the convention concerts. All at once the moon seemed to grow brighter. The moonbeams danced about the room as a rush of wind blew through, causing a swirl of dust to glisten in the moonlight as it rustled the pages of the old Bible. Darien thought he saw a shadow of the cloaked messenger out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned, he was gone. The words of Colossians 1, verses 12 -14 leapt off the page as they proclaimed “Giving thanks to the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins”. All at once Darien proclaimed “I get it… I believe! I’ve laid nothing on the line for You, it’s You who have laid it all on the line for me.” Darien sat there at the foot of the cross in total awe, bathed in moonlight with the rush of God’s spirit filling his heart and transforming him as the revelation that every wrong deed, thought and regret that had ever weighed him down was now gone. He felt as clean and pure as a newborn babe that not even the most beautiful symphony could measure up to. A new desire burned in his heart to never again be held in captivity by the shackles of unbelief, but instead, to help others be set free as well.

He and Clarissa lingered for the next couple of hours as she showed him the scriptures pertaining to “The Catching Away Suite”. Darien asked, “So this is the same thing that this religious group we’re hearing about in the news is predicting that has everyone laughing?” “Are they right?” Clarissa replied” Their prediction is false because scripture makes it clear that no man, angel nor even Jesus knows when that day will be. Only God the Father knows. But the prediction itself is a sign that we are in the season of His return, as it was foretold that there would be false messiahs and people proclaiming to have seen Him. The fact that the world is scoffing could be God’s way of exposing the hearts of men in a similar way that Noah did when he built the ark. It could very well be that God lead you to this discovery to set in motion a chain of events to bring about a final harvest before the actual catching away occurs at the time of His choosing. The fact that you are holding in your hands a work of Mozart that is dealing with the same subject matter will further test the hearts of mankind. How does it feel to be a modern day ‘Noah’, Darien?” With this in mind, they thought it best to keep their discovery under wraps for the time being and also try to prolong Darien’s absence for a while longer until they had a plan.